Alvin Gregorio

Location: 2720 Baseline Road Boulder, CO

"The word Pamilya means family in Filipino. Kapamilya is wider. I think of it as my people, my tribe, my pack. So this cosmos-scape might feel cellular or galactic. Nerves or cells firing and misfiring. Or planets smashing into each other making new things. It’s violence is savage and beautiful, to me. The vibrating spinning hum cud be a perfect hug, that ends way to soon. Its optimistic, but realistic. It’s arhythmic, but is comforting in its imperfection. It’s awkward but real. The character that stands in the center is your guide and companion. Bodyguard and documentarian. Cook and fixer. Streetsmart AF. Here to remind you that your Kapamilya is all around you. These shape shifting balls of energy are our ancestors. Nudging usb along, when needed. "

Photos by Lauren Click