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Creating Fast & Fine Street Art w/ The Matador

Attendees will learn a variety of ways to create one of a kind images that are fit for any gallery, hallway, or alleyway.

Tools will be provided to the artists in attendance as they are encouraged and inspired through demonstrations. They will have the opportunity of crafting one of a kind stencils, that in turn make multiple reproductions when paired with spray paint and excitement.

There will also be materials for hand made stickers!

The workshop will also include instructions on how to make your very own wheat paste adhesive, as well as advise on other techniques designed for posting paper prints and original drawings.

Most importantly, the workshop is designed for fun. There’s nothing better than making positive public art, and these techniques will help you do it fast and effectively.

$30 includes all the materials you need to make and take art with you at the end of the night.